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Finally an intro.
deadliestberet wrote in bullet_heaven

Preston has been through and seen as well as done quite a bit in his life time. First he had been a part of the utter destruction of the most deadliest mercenary force on the planet. Next he became a part of special forces and destroyed what could have been the world's most destructive weapon.

Perhaps it was because of some of these heroic, and decidedly awesome and badass deeds that he was surprised to find himself offed, not by the Russian he had encountered during the massive, and successful invasion of Moscow which ended the war with Russia, but by a simple engine failure of the aircraft which was meant to bring him and other soldiers home safely. Well he certainly did not see it coming, but had he Preston would have thought it to be a fairly funny. He figured with as many battles and near death experiences that he would have gone down in a hail of bullets and not from an airplane falling some 30,000 feet above sea level.

He would also have a few thoughts one what the guys in his squad would have thought if, and when, they figured out how he went down. Hell they probably would have thought the same thing as well. His parents and family back state-side though probably had no idea of his heroic deeds and thus the entire joke would more-than likely be lost on them.

Regardless these were thoughts that Preston Marlowe would have to figure out for himself as he opened his eyes and found himself laying in He would have thought that the afterlife would be a bit more dramatic than this.

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Ghost, continuing to explore his surroundings so he might relax a little bit, had wandered into yet another person's heaven. This one was, curiously, laying flat and not moving. He leans over the new man, contemplating whether he should poke him or something- or just let him be. As experience had taught him, sometimes people were a little confused and volatile at first.

Curiosity got the better of him. "Oy, new guy. You awake?"

Preston groaned a little and rolled over onto his side. His back ached a little bit as he sat up. Blinking and looking around with bleary eyesite. "Great, where am I now?"

Ghost crouched down to his height. "Heaven," he said. "You're dead."

He chuckled a bit at that. "Ah, sorry for being so blunt, there. It's not like I've got angel training or anything."

He stared at And stood up while stretching himself out a little. "Would have thought that heaven would be filled with more people and be a little more overly-dramatic."

"Well, there are a bunch of people, we're just really spread out," Ghost replied, "And yeah. Seems to only be as dramatic as you imagine it to be... literally."

He looks around at the nondescript location and chuckles. "No offense, but your heaven is pretty boring, uh..." He looks at the fellow soldier's name tag on his vest. "Marlowe."

"Right now I'm finding it rather boring." After being on the front lines for as long as he has this place is rather quiet and desolate to him.

"Well then imagine yourself something nice, then," Ghost laughed. "It really is that easy. I mean, works the other way, too- had an awful nightmare last night where I thought I was being eaten alive by a psychic squid from outer space, and when I woke up, there he was. Scurried off somewhere before I could make him into calamari, unfortunately."

oh wow this is going to be awesome XD

Snake is sitting on one of those folding chairs and puffing out a cigarette.He turns to see Preston,but for some reason he seemed a bit too familiar but then again he's been though a lot during those times in the battlefield.

"Hrrn....You're new...Never seen you here."

I know! You're in Bad company now Snake!

Preston blinked and turned to look at Snake. Now who was this? Preston felt like this person was fairly familiar but could not for the life of him put his finger on where he's met him before. "Yeah, just got here. Thanks for the warm welcome."

"I see,well welcome to heaven...there's no paved roads of gold or anything but it's not a bad place." inhales the smoke and breathes out.Yeah Snake is still bugged about it and for some reason he was thinking about those silly oil barrels.

Don't worry he won't blow you up...This time! XDD

He nodded his head, well he did get into a plane crash so it was understandable that he would be dead. Although he was a little miffed at having died from a plane falling out of the sky and not in battle. But beggars can't be choosers.

"Right well if it's all the same to you I think I'm done with gold at the moment. By the way haven't I met before?"

Oh it's on like Donkey Kong! LOL

Now that is a good question since Snake just can't put his finger on why Preston is familiar to him. "Hrrn...some reason...I really don't think so...Maybe I am getting it's can't be.."

Lol XD Need to Preston in Super smash bros so the two can duke it out.

Preston kicked a nearby mound of dirt. This wasn't really getting them anywhere at the moment. And he started to check himself to see if he still carried any of his weapons or equipment with him.

oh man the codec call would be gold!

Indeed it isn't solving anything and replied. "Sry Heaven takes away most of the weapons." Snake didn't really like how the rules works about the weapons being confiscating then again it is supposed to be well a paradise for the pure and good.

I know wouldn't it!? XD

He sighed and stopped his search then. If all of his weapons were gone then it would be futile to look for them on his person. "Right, figures. Oh well just gonna have to do without then I suppose."

Snake would keep ranting about how he died lol

He nods and puts out the cig with a cloud shaped ash tray. "Name's David but you could call me Snake."

Well he shouldn't have been hiding inside the barrel!

"Private Preston Marlowe of the 222nd US Army battalion, B-company." Well that was most certainly a mouthful of an introduction but he still could not shake the feeling that he's seen this guy somewhere before.

Let's see if I can still bring the smartass out of him after so long lol

Fisher stood staring at the man’s body for a while, this stalking procedure being normal to him rather than weird. He raised an eyebrow, pushed his goggles off his forehead and folded his arms. Then shook his head and kicked the man slightly on the side. “Don’t expect me to sing and play the harp. Get up.” Surely he didn’t know the guy, but seeing how so many people were apparently dying, he might as well get the upper hand in knowing them all. Knowledge, he knew, was a good weapon.

You're succeeding so far!

Preston groaned and sat up, rubbing his side a little. "You didn't have to kick me." Now who was this asshole?

One of those few times in which I say "Good to know" to that lol

Fisher couldn't help the smirk at the remark. "Trust me. Me kicking you is better than hearing me sing. Even God knows that." For the cryptic chat he was giving the man, he knew he sounded as if he was some type of angel considering the scenario. He didn't care. He didn't feel like giving the man any more knowledge than the one he was about to gain. That was his style.

"I'm the Spirit of things past and whatnot... More like an Angel of Death... if you get my drift. Don't care if you get it anyways." Even with all the comments he had given the man, he decided to at least offer him a hand. "Hopefuly you had a nice ride, if not bumpy..." By this time, he was taking some risks. Again, he didn't care.

He rolled his eyes at the other man and eyed his hand before taking it and standing back up on to his feet. "Right, sure you are. So who are you really?"

Here comes the troooll, LOL

Fisher's first reply was to smirk at the man's silly question. Oh the many times he was asked that question... and the many times he had twisted people's neck for asking such questions. His eyes rested quickly on the man's name tag on his vest, then back up to the man's own eyes.

"I'm the monster in the closet, a figment of your imagination... call it what you will, Preston", came the smartass reply. "...your biggest fear: a man that wakes you up in the mornings..." By this time, he couldn't help the chuckle. There was a certain hint of respect in his tone though, respect that Sam reserved only for fellow soldiers.

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