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Deck The Halls
tf141_ghost wrote in bullet_heaven
Ghost sat alone in a suburban house in someone else's heaven... someone else's heaven decorated in bright Christmas lights and all the trappings of small-town America holiday cheer. He could hear faint notes of Silent Night travel through the chill air from time to time. Instead of making him feel better, though, it reminded him just how far from home he was.

He sat alone on the couch, staring at the fireplace and God knows who's stockings, drinking egg nog like it was going out of style. He remembered how he and Soap had gone bar hopping last Christmas and partied with a group of santas and elves all night, and chuckled a bit. "Right odd sight we must've been." His smile faded quickly, however. His best friend wasn't here... which was a good thing, but he still missed him so much. "Wish I had some way to call him... Ma too. Even if it's just for five minutes."

Soft footsteps come down the stairs, but he doesn't look, not wanting to startle whoever or whatever it was. When they came into view, Ghost saw that the noise had been made by a little girl, about 7. "Hello dear," he said warmly.

She scurried away, hiding behind the tree.

"Oh, right," Ghost said, taking off his mask. his hair stuck up in all directions when he did so, because of the static.

The little girl laughed silently and pointed at that, and slowly edged her way to him.

Ghost grinned. "Yeah, I bet I look pretty funny right about now. So, is this your heaven?" She nods. "My name's Simon, what's yours?" She points to her stocking, which reads Charlotte. "Well, nice to meet you, Charlotte." He flashes another smile. She doesn't seem to be able to talk, he thought. But she seems to be able to get her point across well enough despite that. Smart girl.

"Since it's Christmas, how about I give you a present? It's probably not going to be as good as what Santa brings, buuuut," here he pauses for a second, thinking reaaaaally hard for a second with one hand behind his back. In a few seconds, a cute and fluffy brown teddy bear with a red silk bow around its neck appears in his hand. He gives her the bear, watching as her face lights up. "It's like the one I used to have," he confides, feeling warm and fuzzy as he watched her dance around with it. "I loved Grumpy Bear until he got patchy."

Charlotte yawns and heads to the kitchen- she has to get things ready for Santa, after all. But before she goes, she points to a present under the tree that hadn't been there before. "For me?" Ghost asked. She nodded sleepily, smiling as she shuffled off.

Ghost picked up the gold-and-red wrapped present, shaking it. It didn't make much noise. He ripped the paper open, setting it on the couch. The present inside of it looked like a walkie-talkie, but there was only one... and it was white and faintly glowing. And the brand name was SoulComm. "Is this what I think it is?" He said incredulously, hardly able to contain his happiness. He depressed the button. "Um... Soap MacTavish is who I'd like to reach." There was a click, and then a familiar voice.

"Bloody hell, comm's on the fritz, Price. Thought I heard Ghost."

Ghost laughed. "You do hear me, poop for brains." He self-censored himself, given that there was a small child in the next room.

"Wha- are you serious?"

"It's... it's a long story, old friend. And judging by the bar on the comm, I only get five minutes. Not going to complain though, I'm grateful for even that amount." He smiled to himself.

"Where are you? We haven't heard from you for a while, and we both feared the worst..."
Ghost could hear the emotion in his friend's voice, but unfortunately he had to break the news.

"The worst did happen. I'm dead. Very much so. Shepherd shot me and lit me on fire. Not a great way to go, I can assure you." They spent the rest of the five minutes catching up and each making sure the other was safe. Naturally, Soap made a crack about Ghost becoming his namesake somewhere along the way. Soon, the time was up. "Goodbye, Soap. Tell Price I said hello, and don't worry about me. I'm in a better place now. Sounds trite when people on earth say that, but it's true. I hope I can talk to you again someday, but if I don't... live a good life, okay? And get drunk with Santas every Christmas."

((He called his mom after that, if you were wondering. :p  TL;DR- Christmas post! Characters can interact with Charlotte and get a present, play Santa, enjoy the food she's set out, play in the snow, whatever you'd like! Have fun.))

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Jill stumbles into the room and of course she's wearching some casual winter outfit for the holidays.She smiles as she looked up at a warm welcoming sight of christmas lights. She looks at the pile of presents but the one present she is focused is the small box with a blue wrapping and the name tag spelled her name. "Huh...Never knew that the dead celebrates Christmas."

I said "package" but then changed it to present because the implications were lols XD

"Old habits die hard, if you'll forgive the pun." Ghost looked with interest at her present. "Ooh, wonder what you'll get! I got a radio that contacts the living, but only for five minutes. You can borrow it, if you'd like."

eh they all look alike! rofl! XD

She picks up the gift and then her interest perks up about the radio. "Actually I would love to talk to a good friend of mine." Indeed this person was always in her mind ever since she came into the holy land.

Ghost stopped drinking egg nog for a second to give her the radio. "Have fun. Should I leave the room, or...?"

"Thanks and well I don't mind if you're here." She goes over to sit down on the sofa and putting the gift on the table.Jill turns the knob on and hearing the static picking up.She was quite nervous of how he is going to react to this but nonetheless..this was her only chance to tell him.

"....I would like to talk to B.S.A.A. Agent Chris."

She heard a surprise gasp and something dropped on the ground.

"What in the?....Jill? Is that you?"

Then silence lingered from this awkward moment as Chris was quite surprised from this. Jill couldn't help but to smile as she hears his partner's voice.

"Yes it's me partner."

"It's impossible but you're-" "Yes Chris...I'm...still gone."

Jill hears Chris almost fighting back those tears and sobs. " Chris listen.I don't have a lot of time but I just want you to know that I'm in heaven and I...I missed you."

Hearing some sniffles but Chris tries to man up again. "I miss you too partner."

So the two shared their stories of their lives and a bit of teasing jokes here and there.Most of all,Jill is relived that he is okay.After all, He is fighting against his former captain of STARS.

"Chris I hate to break this but I have to go."

"Heh...Already? Well seems like 5 minutes is never enough"

"That's true time does fly by. Well Take care of yourself and your sister....Merry Christmas.

"You too.I'll be thinking about you...partner..always.."

Then the radio clicked into static and Jill silently turn the radio off.

Ghost's already protective LOL

Ghost didn't know what to say to that... so he said nothing. To say something would ruin the moment, and she needed a few to process what had just happened. He wished he could give her a hug or a pat on the back or something, but that wasn't something you did for someone you just me-

And there was Charlotte, silently hugging Jill's leg. Ghost started to say something, but then stopped. Though they'd just met, Jill didn't seem the type to push a child just trying to comfort her around. It would be fine.

hah! If Chris were around... XD

Well Jill does have a soft side and she couldn't help but to smile on the young child.She gives her a pat on the head and of course Jill is fighting back the tears. "Well...I'm just glad he's alright."

Ghost smiles gently. "Yeah." He understood. It was painful, but indeed a relief to hear from those back home. He could now continue his afterlife, whatever that would entail, in peace.

Charlotte smiled at Jill, relieved that she seemed to be doing better. She then went back to Ghost, hugging his leg as she had before. He held her close, glad for her presence. "Can't remember the last time someone hugged me," he mused. Charlotte looked stunned. "What, it's not like I had any say in that! So... thank you, little one. Didn't know I'd missed it this much, actually."

Preston blinked and looked at the lady. Another new face? Shrugging at her statement before deciding respond. "Well it does make sense, we are in heaven after all so why not celebrate Jesus's birthday?"

There was a sudden sound from the chimney, some rustling and struggling before a puff of smoke overtook the room. A shade darted about keeping itself without being exposed. He was quick. He knew he could take the radio and make it out while the others coughed and tried to breath. But, the SIGINT ninja suddenly stopped at the sight of a young girl. Of all things that the unstoppable veteran had gone through, a little girl managed to stop the battle hardened soldier.

He stared deep into her eyes and stammered with his words, his face as black as charcoal, his eyes being the only thing visible. “Santa... Santa says you’ve been a good girl. I-I came to take the coal away to naughty kids?” One of the most ridiculous lies he had ever made up, but that reminded him of the stories he would build up for Sarah... ’Sarah...’ By this time he knew all eyes were on him and he winced and cursed mentally because of that, yet he couldn’t take the eyes away from this child.

Charlotte doesn't have an account so I'm just gonna bring him in too lol ^^U

Ghost immediately threw his arms around Charlotte, afraid of who or what this soot-blackened being was. He'd arrived so suddenly...

Charlotte looked up at Ghost, instinctively clutching to his arms for protection, looking rather startled. So this wasn't part of her heaven.

And then he recognized the man beneath the layer of soot- he was that crazy guy from the beach.

Oh goody.

But he didn't seem to mean any harm to Charlotte, so Ghost relaxed one iota. Charlotte looked at Sam with widened eyes, relaxing a bit herself. And then she silently laughed, nose scrunching up with her giggles. "She can't speak, but if she could, she'd probably be telling you that you look silly," Ghost said, with a bit of a chuckle himself.

Fisher frowned at Ghost, but his frown disappeared under the child's expression. He stared painfully at her and then smiled, some of his teeth slightly stained with soot.

"Wait..." He looked around the many pockets of his tactical vest and reached for a chocolate bar which he handed to the girl. "It's not much, but Santa likes chocolate. Should help you for when he gets here." He really didn't know why he was playing the role of an elf with this girl. This was something he used to do for Sarah, a way to keep her imagination running.

’Sarah... He thought, his left hand holding tighter to the radio he had taken from Ghost, his expression pained as a mental wince became visible.

Late reply is late, sorry >_<

Charlotte looked over the chocolate bar curiously, then nodded her thanks. Would it be okay to eat it, she wondered. Her parents had said things about taking candy from strangers, but she was already dead, what more could happen? She still seemed quite wary of Sam, understandable given the circumstances.

"Hey-" Ghost said, tone dangerously low as he noticed the stolen radio, pointing at the man. But before he could even think about doing something to reprimand Sam, there was a small tug on his tactical vest- Charlotte clinging to him. It snapped him out of his anger. Didn't want to upset her... "All right, just take it," he sighed. The radio would probably never work for him again, anyway. He'd used up his calls. "Would have let you borrow if you'd asked, you know."

His expression replaced with a cold glare as he looked at Ghost, Fisher took a few steps back. Then he bowed short for Charlotte and turned around. His eyes spotted a chair separated from the rest of the group and he hesitantly sat on it, hands still clinging on the radio as if he was asking himself whether to use it or not. “Would I make things worse?” He muttered to himself. Maybe he not, he decided. His body, his bones were never returned to his family – to his Sarah – he knew. Grim probably helped Sarah making some type of funeral with an empty coffin.

A sad chuckle erupted from his chest. A coffin? Last time he checked, he wanted to be cremated since it made things cheaper and quicker and he didn’t want Sarah spending time and effort on some dead old man. Better that she kept their memories. That was more important to him than anything else. Grim had even given him the idea of sending his ashes to space, that she would be honored to do such a thing. Sam never understood how that would help, but Grim had promised him that it would be cheap as well. At the end, they settled for the ocean: his home, so to speak. It was something that was harder for Anna to talk with him than it was for him. So much for that...

So much for everything...

He clenched tightly to the radio, a tear escaping his eye as he tried his best at covering it. There was something he needed to do.

He took a breath, brought the radio close to his lips with his both hands while keeping his eyes closed and pressed the button. There was silence for a moment, but then he couldn’t hold himself back. “Sarah?” It was as if the radio was searching for some frequency for a moment.

“Brian? I told you I...”

Fisher winced, but managed to smile after a second, realizing that he didn’t have much time. “Still talking to that kid, I see. Highly doubt his voice sounds like mine.”

“Dad? Dad? This is impossible. Where are you? Is this some type of mission? Grim told me you were dead! I-I...”


“She told me, like last time that you were gone, but she sounded so hurt... I believed her, I... Are you compromised? Is she compromised? Am I?”

“Sarah... honey, I don’t have that much time. You’re not compromised... as far as I know. Grim isn’t either...” More shock, he could tell. “I’m... I’m dead, Sarah...” A long pause took over, Sam turning impatient. “No. This isn’t a joke, and no, I don’t like Brian much, but I figured you’re smarter than I am. You’d know who to pick.”

He couldn’t hear her, and for a moment, he thought his time was up. “Dad... Dad I...” He could hear her sniffling slightly, attempting to remain strong.

“You don’t need me anymore, Princess. You’re a grown woman, a Queen now. I’m glad for the time I was there to watch you grow. I regret the time wasted without being by your side.” Another tear found its way down leaving a line that exposed the color of his skin. “I tried making a better world for you, but I couldn’t see that you were my world. You are my world, Sarah. You’ll always be. Just thought you should know.”

By this time, it was obvious that Sarah couldn’t hold her tears back, and neither could Sam.

“Find someone that makes you truly happy... but I swear that if he hurts you...” He stopped, when Sarah’s chuckling interrupted him. She knew him enough to know that he was getting overprotective even after death.

“I... I miss you dad. Axle doesn’t even want to eat and Grim...”

The mention of their dog brought a tender smile to Sam’s face. The mention of Grim made him wince. “You be strong. Cry as much as you want, but you have to continue without me, kiddo. Promise me that. Promise me that you won’t be like me.”

“But dad...”

“Promise me that you’ll never waste your time living in the past. Promise me that you’ll be better than I ever could’ve been. Promise me that you’ll be you, Sarah.” He could picture her face, those green eyes swelling with tears, her nose becoming red as she cried but tried to remain strong, as stubborn as her father.

“I-I will... I will, dad. I promise.”

The rest of the conversation took a more light tone, so to speak, with Fisher telling her about what he thought was Heaven, and the fact that he was in the search for Regan, Sarah’s mother. He promised Sarah to tell some words she told him to Regan once he had met her. They laughed a little, not much though. The situation was hard on both of them. The radio gave him a beep, and he understood what that meant. He sighed painfully, as if he had been stabbed in the heart and looked around.

“Sarah”, he interrupted her, but she continued to talk. “Sarah”, again he tried. “Sarah, I... don’t have much time.” He could imagine her nodding in understanding with a pained expression on that angelic face. “I don’t have much...” He sighed again. “I love you...”

”I know, dad. I know.” The fact that she told him twice, reassured him.

“And I’m proud of you...”

A giggle, that giggle. ”I know, dad. I’m proud of you too.”

Fisher’s eyes widened at that. “What for?”

”For being there when you could. For everything you did for all of us. For being my dad, mostly... I love you, dad. I’ll be seeing you again?”

Sam smiled. “Probably, but not just yet, although I’m unsure on how time goes here... I’ll be waiting.”

The last goodbyes were somewhat desperate until the radio closed their communication and Fisher sighed and mentally cursed the thing.

When he finally opened his eyes, he looked at Ghost, his expression strange to the one he usually used, perhaps, softer. “How many calls do I get with this thing? Any chance I can call someone else?” Grim, he had to let her know...

He sighs, wanting to just walk away from the man. He gave off bad vibes, and he had been an asshole to Ghost. Why not just walk away? But Ghost was better than that... though part of him wished he wasn't. Maybe that softer expression was working on him. "I think three, that was as many as I was able to call."

Fisher nodded, then grabbed the radio tightly again and stared at it, unsure if he should even do what he was thinking about doing. Something inside him told him he had to, and so he clicked on the button, both hands clutching tightly to the device. He closed his eyes and let out a loud sigh.

“Grim…” His breath trembled as he expected the voice at the other end. “Anna, please…”

There was some sound, as if someone was looking for something at the other end. Then he heard breathing and nearly swooned at the sound. ”S-Sam? No… Who is this?” There was her serious professional tone again.

Fisher couldn’t help the smile that hearing her voice after so long produced. He leaned forward on his chair. “Come on, Anna. You know my voice well enough.”

”You’re dead. You’re dead, Sam… I inspected your vitals, tried sending someone for you. We lost your… body… You’re… I’m sorry… I… Where are you?”

“No. No. I’m… I’m pretty dead. Bullet got me low enough. Whatever they did to my body, I didn’t feel it. I was long g-“

”Please stop.” He heard, holding back a sob. ”I don’t need to be reminded of how I failed him, whoever you are.”

Anna’s scientific mind wasn’t allowing her to comprehend the paranormal situation, Fisher knew. As much as it hurt him, he decided to play along. He didn’t have much time. “You didn’t fail him. He didn’t think things through; allowed his emotions to take the best of him, tried to safe one too many. It was the least he could do. But he did a good job. The hostages got out of there, all of them and he managed to send the information to you. That much I know. War has been probably stopped thanks to what you help him do. You’re the hero here, Grim.”

A pause. “How do you know this? Who are y-“

“For as much as he did, he never held that promise of taking you to that steak place you wanted to go”, Fisher continued. “Now he would love to take you, but he can’t…”

“Let him go. Whatever is it you want from me, just let him go.”

“He wishes you to be happy. To go out with someone younger than him, to live your life… to live for both. Don’t get stuck behind coffee, Anna, or behind the many monitors. Don’t let your job consume you. You’re too much for it.” With that he managed to silence her questions.


“Yeah…” Sam’s hands clung desperately around the radio as he looked down; eyes still closed trying to capture in his mind the sweet sound of his name through her voice. “What gave me up?” Although a tear had already escaped without him noticing, he smiled through the pain that this was provoking him.

“Your old man attitude…” She chuckled a little as did Sam, but she was still trying to hold back on the tears.

“Found a place where I can’t get any older.”

”H-How is it?”

“Confusing… You’re not around to guide me.”

Silence took over for a moment, before Fisher realized that he was wasting precious time. “I miss you, terribly… I do. Too many crazy people around, not enough geeks.” He smiled a little, and he could picture her smile as well. But he knew he was simply avoiding to tell her what he wanted to.

“I miss you too, Sam. Sarah’s-“

“I talked to her. Thank you for be around for her.” A pause. “I just needed to-“

”I know. I know.” By then he could picture her letting some tears out. ”But I should’ve expected this. I was ready to lose you, Sam… I really… really… thought I was, with the job and all… but… No. I wasn’t. I don’t regret though. You meant… mean… too much to me. No need to struggle with the ‘L’ word anymore. I do love you.”

Fisher’s popped open and he winced as he clutched the radio tighter. He really wasn’t expecting this. How to reply? Could he be so scared of admitting what he felt for her even after death? ’Coward…, he thought. He closed his eyes again and took a deep breath.”I-I…”

”Never was good for this. You give me advice to continue with my life, but you know I can’t… not until…”

“I love you.” It felt refreshing, even after death. It felt as if a burden in his chest had been eased and he whispered the words again and again to the radio starting a few sobs that were still being contained by Grim at the other side. He pulled the radio closed and continued to repeat those words that he hadn’t told her. How stupid he now felt, yet how at peace.

“Sam… Promise me I’ll you again…”

“You will, just not yet. Not yet. I’ll be getting the steak ready.”

The radio suddenly died on him and when he received no response he pulled himself from the device and glared at it as if he had been insulted. Fisher issued a low growl and he shut his eyes tightly and tried to find his composure. Placed his elbows on his knees and leaned forward allowing the radio to slip and fall from his hand, his shoulders trembling with the silent sobs of both relieve and a newly acquired pain.

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