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The damage is done
collidefate wrote in bullet_heaven


The former B.S.A.A Agent Jill Valentine froze as the device on her chest clicked which triggered into a explosion.

" Oh god....Jill !! Jill !!!! "

Her torso is ripped apart from the explosion and with no hesitation Chris goes by to her side and catches her in time. "Come on Jill stay with me!" Jill slowly shakes her head and looks up at him. He gently grips her hand and fear of losing her again. "Don't go...You're my partner." She slowly gathers her last words. "She's....yours...n-now.." Jill gives in her last breath and closes her eyes and finally accepted her death. 

Then she opened her eyes and White...all she could see is white all around her. Confused that she was supposed to be dead and wanders around well whatever this place is. ".....I'm...Alive? No...It can't be." Then the area started to changed into a city..but it seemed familiar to her. 
"What in the?! place." She spotted a billboard that says " Welcome to Raccoon City."

"This has better not be one of Wesker's tricks..."

(Ooc: So meet my new muse Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series! Her timeline takes place on the 5th sequel game. So I'm still trying to get her character since I don't have the game ha ha! Might as well go back to the basics someday =D ))


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Welcome Jill! :D /finally replying

Ghost found himself in a strange city. "Must admit that I haven't been in such a detailed heaven like this before," he muttered, taking off his balaclava to wipe some sweat off his forehead. All this exploring was tiring, despite being in hea-

He whipped around, having heard a noise, one hand on his pistol while the other was still holding his trademark skull balaclava. It was a woman. His first impression was that she seemed tough and capable. "Speaking of things I haven't seen," he cracked. It was true though- she was the first woman he'd run across in heaven. Not counting the angels, of course. Those were figments of his imagination, after all.

gah sry my internet has been wonky for months .__.;;

Jill turns around to see Ghost who is well obviously unfamiliar to her.She reaches out for her handgun from habit but realized that her weapon is gone and is quite confused.Luckily for her all she had for know is her combat knife. "Never seen you around here before." Jill spoke cautiously.

Seems like everyone's been having issues lately :(

"Well, if you're thinking this is..." Here he paused to look for a sign. "Raccoon City, then you'd be mistaken. I know it probably doesn't seem like it, but it's heaven."

Re: Seems like everyone's been having issues lately :(

"Heaven?....I guess I am really dead then." She knew it was impossible since Raccoon City was demolished years ago. "Well I might as well get used to this,Name's Jill Valentine." She extended her hand to him for a handshake.

Ghost laughed. "You're taking it well! Guy this morning held me at knifepoint, thinking I was a terrorist or something. Guess it's the mask." He took off his glove to shake her hand, feeling weird with it off. Hadn't taken them off in weeks while he had been alive- war and all that. He hoped, belatedly, that his hands weren't too rough or anything.

Come to think of it, why was he wearing his gloves in the first place? Or his empty ACR? (He had tried firing it earlier, to no effect. His knife didn't seem to slice anything but food, either.) Upon introspection it did seem a little silly to continue dressing like he was going into battle, but years of habit didn't go away that quickly.

"It's hard to believe that I'm feeling alive then dead.Really? Funny I was going to do the same thing." She looks at the combat knife sheathed on her side. "Well this is better then being a zombie." Jill couldn't help but to chuckle.

"I don't blame you, honestly," he laughed. He put away his mask and gloves, making himself more comfortable. Though he did make a mental note to change when he got back to his heaven... his combat uniform was beginning to chafe. "And, yes, it would rather be better than being a zombie. Not that that's possible." Little did he know.

Oh well that's another campfire story to talk about later.So...since this is the afterlife this place isn't real. I've expected this place to be more holy." Not to her surprise that she is still wearing the skin tight battle suit.Jill starts to mental checking that she should check out her old apartment and find some new clothes."I've wonder if I can find more people here."

Well, if that wasn't a rapid change of subject, Ghost didn't know what was. He didn't really care though, as long as there were no zombies in the immediate area. "Yeah, I think everyone expects it to be different, but in the end it's what we're most comfortable with. And I bet you can. May take you a while though." He hadn't run across Roach, Soap or Price yet, himself, and he hoped to God that meant that they were still alive.

"This killed me..." Fisher chuckled to himself as he stared long and hard to the bullet hole on the suit that had kept him safe on so many other times. He placed the tactical vest loosely over him and gathered the weapons that he had found on his boat for reason unknown to him. "A soldier to the end? Or even after death?" Another chuckle escaped him, until he noticed the change on his surroundings, from the peaceful waves of the beach to some forbidden city he didn't known.

He closed his vest quickly and strapped on the goggles on his forehead, In one swift movement, Fisher placed the SC 20K M.A.W.S. riffle on his back out of instinct, placed his right hand over his Five-SeveN pistol by his side, then sneaked into a dark alley with the grace of a football quarterback.

Under darkness, he waited for a few minutes thinking that nothing else was to happen. However, before he could step from the alley, he noticed someone approaching. He closed his eyes for a moment. The footsteps were light enough, obvious not a person with too much weight and probably trying to know as he where the hell he/she was. A child? A woman? He allowed his goggles to do the rest of the work, but looked at them surprised that he had to use them even in Heaven. One flip of a button brought the sonar view to life. The first goggles had been a prototype. These ones, built for him first, were a combination of the old ones and the prototype that was the sonar goggles. Grim had done one hell of a job... and God did he miss her...

The image came pretty quick and he noticed that the one walking around was indeed a woman. He allowed himself to wait longer as she talked to Ghost, and waited even longer as she looked around trying to decipher who she was and what had happened to her before making any move.

After the lovely conversation between her and Ghost and starts to explore.Oh how the memories seeped in her mind as she looked around the familiar city buildings but she stopped at a certain building. "Well there's a place I haven't seen in years." She couldn't help but to smile at the small sign plate that spelled 'R.P.D.' which is also know as 'Raccoon Police Dept.'

Jill couldn't help but to feel a pain of guilt as she thought about her old friends and partners.Brad...Barry...Rebecca...and of course she's skipping about Wesker cuz he's just a snarky douche. She was thinking of Chris most of all,After all he is her lifelong partner who is always by her side through thick and thin even since the Mansion Incident.

"So maybe you know more about it than I do...", came the voice from behind her deep within the dark alleys overlooking the police department that he now noticed.

Fisher didn't step outside just yet. He allowed a few casting lights to hit his frame, but as soon as he noticed, he backed away from them, sinking deeper into the darkness like shades to the shadows. He was sure he could've shot this woman, killed her -if there was such thing as killing someone here- without remorse in his soldier state of mind... but why? He didn't feel like talking to a corpse, and he didn't know the effects that killing someone in the afterlife could have.

Regardless, he kept his guard, unsure of the skills that this one could have. Everyone that reached this so called Heaven, seemed like soldiers, guards, trained enough people. He wasn't going to take his chances. She might've seem fragile enough, but something in her eyes, an inner strength that hid a greater sadness... It hit Sam. It reminded him of someone he knew very well... right before he died.

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