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The damage is done


The former B.S.A.A Agent Jill Valentine froze as the device on her chest clicked which triggered into a explosion.

" Oh god....Jill !! Jill !!!! "

Her torso is ripped apart from the explosion and with no hesitation Chris goes by to her side and catches her in time. "Come on Jill stay with me!" Jill slowly shakes her head and looks up at him. He gently grips her hand and fear of losing her again. "Don't go...You're my partner." She slowly gathers her last words. "She's....yours...n-now.." Jill gives in her last breath and closes her eyes and finally accepted her death. 

Then she opened her eyes and White...all she could see is white all around her. Confused that she was supposed to be dead and wanders around well whatever this place is. ".....I'm...Alive? No...It can't be." Then the area started to changed into a city..but it seemed familiar to her. 
"What in the?! place." She spotted a billboard that says " Welcome to Raccoon City."

"This has better not be one of Wesker's tricks..."

(Ooc: So meet my new muse Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series! Her timeline takes place on the 5th sequel game. So I'm still trying to get her character since I don't have the game ha ha! Might as well go back to the basics someday =D ))

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