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Simon "Ghost" Riley

Deck The Halls

Ghost sat alone in a suburban house in someone else's heaven... someone else's heaven decorated in bright Christmas lights and all the trappings of small-town America holiday cheer. He could hear faint notes of Silent Night travel through the chill air from time to time. Instead of making him feel better, though, it reminded him just how far from home he was.

He sat alone on the couch, staring at the fireplace and God knows who's stockings, drinking egg nog like it was going out of style. He remembered how he and Soap had gone bar hopping last Christmas and partied with a group of santas and elves all night, and chuckled a bit. "Right odd sight we must've been." His smile faded quickly, however. His best friend wasn't here... which was a good thing, but he still missed him so much. "Wish I had some way to call him... Ma too. Even if it's just for five minutes."

Soft footsteps come down the stairs, but he doesn't look, not wanting to startle whoever or whatever it was. When they came into view, Ghost saw that the noise had been made by a little girl, about 7. "Hello dear," he said warmly.

She scurried away, hiding behind the tree.

"Oh, right," Ghost said, taking off his mask. his hair stuck up in all directions when he did so, because of the static.

The little girl laughed silently and pointed at that, and slowly edged her way to him.

Ghost grinned. "Yeah, I bet I look pretty funny right about now. So, is this your heaven?" She nods. "My name's Simon, what's yours?" She points to her stocking, which reads Charlotte. "Well, nice to meet you, Charlotte." He flashes another smile. She doesn't seem to be able to talk, he thought. But she seems to be able to get her point across well enough despite that. Smart girl.

"Since it's Christmas, how about I give you a present? It's probably not going to be as good as what Santa brings, buuuut," here he pauses for a second, thinking reaaaaally hard for a second with one hand behind his back. In a few seconds, a cute and fluffy brown teddy bear with a red silk bow around its neck appears in his hand. He gives her the bear, watching as her face lights up. "It's like the one I used to have," he confides, feeling warm and fuzzy as he watched her dance around with it. "I loved Grumpy Bear until he got patchy."

Charlotte yawns and heads to the kitchen- she has to get things ready for Santa, after all. But before she goes, she points to a present under the tree that hadn't been there before. "For me?" Ghost asked. She nodded sleepily, smiling as she shuffled off.

Ghost picked up the gold-and-red wrapped present, shaking it. It didn't make much noise. He ripped the paper open, setting it on the couch. The present inside of it looked like a walkie-talkie, but there was only one... and it was white and faintly glowing. And the brand name was SoulComm. "Is this what I think it is?" He said incredulously, hardly able to contain his happiness. He depressed the button. "Um... Soap MacTavish is who I'd like to reach." There was a click, and then a familiar voice.

"Bloody hell, comm's on the fritz, Price. Thought I heard Ghost."

Ghost laughed. "You do hear me, poop for brains." He self-censored himself, given that there was a small child in the next room.

"Wha- are you serious?"

"It's... it's a long story, old friend. And judging by the bar on the comm, I only get five minutes. Not going to complain though, I'm grateful for even that amount." He smiled to himself.

"Where are you? We haven't heard from you for a while, and we both feared the worst..."
Ghost could hear the emotion in his friend's voice, but unfortunately he had to break the news.

"The worst did happen. I'm dead. Very much so. Shepherd shot me and lit me on fire. Not a great way to go, I can assure you." They spent the rest of the five minutes catching up and each making sure the other was safe. Naturally, Soap made a crack about Ghost becoming his namesake somewhere along the way. Soon, the time was up. "Goodbye, Soap. Tell Price I said hello, and don't worry about me. I'm in a better place now. Sounds trite when people on earth say that, but it's true. I hope I can talk to you again someday, but if I don't... live a good life, okay? And get drunk with Santas every Christmas."

((He called his mom after that, if you were wondering. :p  TL;DR- Christmas post! Characters can interact with Charlotte and get a present, play Santa, enjoy the food she's set out, play in the snow, whatever you'd like! Have fun.))
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