January 3rd, 2011

Died Once, Gone to A Hellish Place. Died the Second Time...Gone to Heaven?

Once a prized product of the Armacham Technology Corporation, Paxton Fettel was trained to be a highly trained Psychic Commander, who can psychically command a battalion of cloned super-soldiers. A month before the ATC was going to demostrate what he was able to do in front of potential buyers of the United States military, his dead and psychically powerful mother synchronized her mind with his to lead an uprising against the ATC, and to set her free; to which the ATC has named it, The Second Synchronization Event. The first happened when he was only 10 years old, but he was only able to kill 6 Origin Staff members before being tranquilized. During the Second Synchronization Event, Fettel led his deadly revolt, killing everyone who he ran into in order to find out where they kept his mother, Alma Wade, to set her free. Eventually, he was stopped by his own brother, who was part of the F.E.A.R. team that was sent in to deal with the situation at Armacham's Headquarters. His brother shot Fettel in the head, killing him instantly before blowing up the Origin's reactor to try and stop Alma...which didn't work at all. 

Once Fettel died, he was furious at his brother for killing him, after telling him that they were brothers, and that Alma was their mother. His anger toward his brother changed when he learned that his mother was only using him to get free, and that she wanted him to be with her forever. When he refused to be with her in death, and wanting to live, she imprisoned him. Soon after, the Psychic Commander was able to make contact with Replica #813. The child form of Alma saw 813, and other Replicas her son was able to take control, and even saw her own son as a threat to her. So, she tried everything she could to stop 813 and other super-soldiers that were trying to get to Fettel to free him from Alma's prison. When 813 finally reached the center of the blast area, he defeated Alma's minions, and freed the Psychic Commander. Fettel knew that 813 was a perfected clone of himself; thus, able to withstand it when he possessed the Replica after 813 freed him. 

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