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Welcome to Heaven
tf141_ghost wrote in bullet_heaven
Ghost wakes up slowly, feeling every creak and movement in his bones as he does so. Dear God, felt like he'd been hit by a bus. That's when he remembered. "Bastard tricked us," he groaned, finally managing to sit up. "Shot me, lit me on fire... got Roach too." He stretched a bit, and pulled out a cigarette, lifting up his mask and placing it between his dry lips.

Looking around, his surroundings weren't all that different from where he had died- a frost-covered field in the middle of an evergreen forest. There were animal tracks, and he could hear a bird in the distance, but there wasn't a soul around. No vehicles or buildings either, for that matter. And instead of a sun hanging in the sky, there was an ethereal whitish blue light that seemed to make everything glow, even the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

"So I'm dead, then?" He wondered, taking a puff of his cigarette. "Must say, heaven is underwhelming."

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"Hrrn you're telling me..." Snake casually walks right by Ghost and stares at the cig. "You got an extra cig? I ran out."

"Ello," he says, digging in his vest for his pack of cigarettes. "One sec... Wish I could find the damn things." He rummaged around in each pocket, until he finally found his pack. Wish I had enough to give him a pack, he thought.

And then he felt two packs in there, just like that. "Huh." He pulled both of them out and stared at them with bewilderment, before snapping out of it and giving the other man a pack. "Guess I packed extra," he said, grinning.

oh snappers! hi! *waaavveee* :3

Well this is his lucky day.Indeed it made the old man smile and takes the pack. "Thanks." He takes a cig out of the pack and puts the pack away before he lits up the cig.

"I've expected this place to be more luminous,but it seems to feel the same back home." He inhales and breathes out a puff of smoke.

"Yeah," Ghost agreed. "With angels and clouds and things." As soon as he said that, the grass began morphing into soft, fluffy clouds, and the chill in the air left. The light from the mountains grew brighter, too.

"What's this?" He said, surprised at the sudden environment change. A pair of beautiful female angels appeared from nowhere, to give him a nice back massage. "Don't really know, but I'm not complaining." A goofy grin grew across his face as he relaxed.

He was about to inhale but as the view dramatically changed which made Snakes choke and cough. "Guh....Almost lost my hear.....oh wait." Snake still showing signs of being senile and grumbles.

Another female angel appeared to back massage Snake's back. Her appearance seems to resemble an old flame. "Hrrn...You have to remind me." Snake mutters to himself,but then again he is quite enjoying the soothing massage.

"Simon Riley, pleased to meet-" He stops suddenly as an angel massages a tendon just so. Dear God, that felt good. "You. Or Ghost. Whichever you'd like."

"David..but people call me Snake." Then a good spot rubbed for the moment and feeling really soothed down.

"Nice to meet you," He murmurs. "This place is very... nice." He looked around, eyes sleepily surveying the pearlescent landscape his mind had created. There were cute little cloud trees and ponies running around now, too. "Though, I must admit, I spent my whole life on edge... so I can see this getting old." He chuckled as he sunk down face-first into a nice, fluffy cloud. "But not right at this moment."

"Heh...I know the feeling. You know...this place need is some rainbow and birds chirping on the sky." Then a rainbow spread across the skies and the most adorable cloud birds flies around and singing sweetly. Snake couldn't help but to stare at this spectacle.

"Huh...well damn."

/lightbulb over his head

"Y'know, I'd thought only I could bring stuff to life, 'till you imagined the bird and the rainbow." Ghost scratched his head at that, confused. "Thought I had all the control, but you seem to share it at the moment. Huh..."

He reclined back into his cloud, and watched the angels that had been giving him a massage feed the birds. Time passed lazily by, as did a few clouds in the sky, until Ghost broke the silence with, "I've been thinking about how it works, Snake, and I think I got it figured out."

"Hrrn? What is it?" Snake kinda had a bad feeling for Ghost's idea but he could bite. What's the worse thing that can happen for the poor retired soldier.

"Oh no, it's nothing bad," He reassured Snake. "I think how it works is that we each have our own little land in heaven that we have control over, see-" Ghost was drawing a stick-figure diagram in the cloud as he spoke. "There's me. The bubble around me is my heaven-bubble."

He drew another stick guy with wrinkles. "And here's you. Now, you have your own little heaven bubble too, but you left it to come here." He draws in a bubble next to his, labeled 'Snake Land.' "So by all means you shouldn't have control here, but I'm guessing since I like you so well, I subconsciously gave up a bit of control. Don't think you could do whatever you like, but you can do some stuff."

He scratched his head. "That's all I got so far."

Well the primitive drawing does explain alot to Snake "Huh....well that makes sense.Guess this place isn't bad after all." Then a tiny cloud formed a husky cloud puppy. The pup looks up with it's tongue sticking out and tail wagging with happiness. The old man couldn't help but to smile and picks up the puppy. "Heh....Brings back some good memories."

"Seems harmless, so far," He chuckled, watching Snake create and pick up the puppy. "You had pets back on Earth?"

I used to live in Alaska. I was a dog sledder for years. He jumped a bit as the pup licked him in the face. "Ah! S-Stop that!" Snake couldn't help but to chuckle.

"Never would have guessed. You don't seem the type," Ghost chuckled. He watched Snake playing with the dog a minute longer. "Or rather, you didn't seem the type."

Well Snake is happy for once as he scratch behind the puppy's ear. "Well let's just say I needed a hobby." Snake turns around to see the clouds form into a pack of adult Huskys. "Heh...didn't see you guys there." Then he gets softly tackled from the puffs.

"Everyone needs one'a those to stay sane," Ghost said. "I'm more of a cat person, but I have to admit that huskies are very nice dogs." He made himself a cloud house-cat, and set to petting it, content as can be. The cat seemed oblivious to the dogs.

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