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Heaven has Changed
ir chain smoking with cancer sticks!
never_was_hero wrote in bullet_heaven
Snake is sitting on a rock and staring at a view of a huge glorious lake.Nothing much he could do on heaven but to remember how he got shot. It went all too fast,memories seeps into his mind of him at a place that he hasn't been in years,Shadow Moses. So many events happened and yet the one thing that struck his mind is that he was crushed by a Gekko.The cries of his partner Otacon and Raiden shouting at him echoing in his thoughts. He sighs and lits up another cigarette.

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"You thinking about it?" Ghost asked gently. What he meant by 'it' was heavily implied to be their death, what lead them here. "Sorry to intrude, but you have that look on your face."

listening to Hurt by Johnny Cash...gahh it's fitting ;A;

Snake turned around when Ghost interrupt his thoughts.He nods in response and turns back to the view of the lake. "....I wonder if they're alright without me..."

"It doesn't feel good, being left to wonder that," Ghost said, deep understanding in his voice. Had Roach made it somehow? Where were Soap and Price? He could only hope that they were all okay somewhere on the planet far below. "If only there was some way to check up on them... but there isn't, as far as I know."

He inhales for a moment and breathes out the smoke from the cigarette. "No it isn't." Snake replied with a heavy sigh. He was concerned of how his friends reacted to his death. Campbell....Meryl...MeiLing.....Every face he recognized.Every person who thinks that he is a great hero,but in his eyes he's not.

"I wish there is a way....just one last time..."

"Maybe we'll come across something one day, mate, who knows." He sighed. "We can't give up hope."

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