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Heaven has Changed
ir chain smoking with cancer sticks!
never_was_hero wrote in bullet_heaven
Snake is sitting on a rock and staring at a view of a huge glorious lake.Nothing much he could do on heaven but to remember how he got shot. It went all too fast,memories seeps into his mind of him at a place that he hasn't been in years,Shadow Moses. So many events happened and yet the one thing that struck his mind is that he was crushed by a Gekko.The cries of his partner Otacon and Raiden shouting at him echoing in his thoughts. He sighs and lits up another cigarette.

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He inhales for a moment and breathes out the smoke from the cigarette. "No it isn't." Snake replied with a heavy sigh. He was concerned of how his friends reacted to his death. Campbell....Meryl...MeiLing.....Every face he recognized.Every person who thinks that he is a great hero,but in his eyes he's not.

"I wish there is a way....just one last time..."

"Maybe we'll come across something one day, mate, who knows." He sighed. "We can't give up hope."

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